Samsung Galaxy Fold

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The Life’s Work of the Famous Drug Lord Lives On: Escobar Inc. Continues to Deceive People

The way Escobar’s family does the business does not change because they deceive people again. Everyone who ordered a supposedly unique foldable smartphone from Escobar Inc. never received it.

Escobar Fold 2 for $399 Is Going to Bury Samsung Galaxy Fold

Escobar Inc., founded by Roberto, the brother of Pablo Escobar, presented the second folding smartphone called Escobar Fold 2. It has a more modern processor and exactly repeats the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

A New Patent from Samsung: Foldable Tablet

While we are still watching reviews on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company applied for a patent of the foldable tablet.

The Arrival of the Motorola RAZR. Smartphone Description and Video Inside

This is how the updated folding flip phone looks like in 2019.

Yet Another Samsung Foldable Smartphone: The Clamshell Edition

At the Samsung Developer Conference today, Samsung revealed a clamshell foldable form factor for the new smartphone. The price, release day, and the name remain unknown.

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