Not so long ago, Escobar Inc. introduced two bending smartphones – Escobar Fold 1 and Escobar Fold 2 – with a very successful and high-quality PR campaign. But the limited edition of the devices caused difficulties for those wishing to purchase the smartphones.

The famous tech blogger Marques Brownlee ordered Escobar Fold 1 on the official website and spent $349 on it. The manufacturer promised to deliver the device for free, but the blogger did not receive the package, and no one returned him the money. Marques then decided to try his luck for the second time, and ordered Escobar Fold 2 for $399 while signing in with a different account. Even for the second time, he did not get the expected smartphone:

After that, the brand representatives contacted Brownlee and offered to send him a test phone model for a review. This time, the package got safely straight to the blogger. Having unpacked the box, Marques only found a smartphone and a charging cable inside the box.

After a detailed examination of the given model, it was discovered that Escobar Inc. does not manufacture its smartphones. They sell second-hand Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones, marking them with pure gold and the logo of the company of drug lord's brother. Curiously, you can find the Samsung logo under the Escobar company logo.

The differences between the Escobar Fold and the flexible Samsung smartphone are that the first one had Pablo Escobar wallpaper on the main screen, and their prices differ.

Brownlee has suggested that Escobar Inc. sends its smartphones to famous bloggers only. The rest of the buyers will never get a phone. However, it is not surprising, knowing the history of the Escobar family, and in what ways they conduct their business. The blogger advised not to have any business with this company.