At the Samsung Developer Conference today, Samsung revealed a form factor for the new foldable smartphone.

Head of Samsung’s framework R&D group, Hyesoon Jeong, said:

This brand-new form factor that we’re now exploring will not only easily fit in your pocket, but it also changes the way you use your phone.

Foldable design is indeed fascinating, that is why Samsung is continuing to work on it and improve it.

The next-generation clamshell foldable smartphone that has neither a name nor a release date, is a successor to the Galaxy Fold that Samsung introduced in September. The innovation with it was that the smartphone could fold like a book. However, there were several troubles with releasing the Galaxy Fold as its launch was delayed at first. Moreover, the early reviewers stated that the phone was prone to breaking without a protective film on.

The form factor of the new smartphone was shown in a video at the conference:

The new smartphone looks like Samsung Galaxy S10 when opened. Its distinguishing feature is that the new clamshell-model will have a foldable display allowing to fold the device in half horizontally from top to bottom. This feature is supposed to make the smartphone more compact and durable as the screen will be protected when folded.

Even though the design is quite clear, nothing was said about the hardware involved. Anyway, the new device will run Android just like the Galaxy Fold.
Another thing that was presented at the conference was One UI 2, which is an update to the Android user interface.