Telegram has released its Christmas update, introducing several new features that enhance user experience and channel customization. Here are the highlights of the update:

  • Customize Channel Appearance

Channel administrators can now customize the appearance of their channels as they gain levels through subscriber boosts or giveaways. They have the flexibility to choose the color of the channel's messages, set a color and logo for the profile cover, add an emoji status, and set a wallpaper visible to all channel visitors. The emoji status can be selected from a wide range of emojis created by Telegram artists.

Telegram’s Latest Update Brings Exciting Features and Accessibility
Users can now repost stories from friends and channels to their own profiles. This feature enables the addition of text, audio, or video content to the reposted stories, allowing for a more personalized touch.
  • Share Posts in Stories

Users can repost messages from channels to their own stories. This feature allows users to copy channel messages, resize them, and add various decorations. Viewers of the story can easily tap to access the original message in the channel. Reposts support all message types, including photos, files, voice messages, and videos.

  • Massive Premium Gifts

Sending Telegram Premium as a gift has become more convenient. Users can now gift Telegram Premium to multiple people simultaneously. A new 'Gift Premium' section in Settings allows users to select up to 10 recipients and gift Telegram Premium with a single tap. Even if a recipient already has Premium, they can save the gift for later use or share it with a friend.

Telegram Teases Its visionOS App with AR Stickers for Apple Vision Pro
One standout feature demonstrated in the teaser is an immersive video player that enhances the viewing experience. Additionally, the app includes animated AR stickers that expand beyond the app window, adding an extra layer of interactivity.
  • Custom Prizes and Winner Lists in Giveaways

Channels hosting giveaways can now extend the duration of giveaways and specify additional prizes. This feature provides greater flexibility in organizing giveaways, from small rewards to more significant prizes. To enhance transparency, giveaway hosts can toggle 'Show Winners' to publicly announce the accounts that have won. Telegram randomly selects winners and automatically distributes Telegram Premium gift codes, while channel administrators are responsible for delivering any additional prizes.

This Christmas update enhances the functionality and personalization options within Telegram, making it even more user-friendly and engaging.