Telegram has rolled out a significant update with a range of new features and improvements. This update introduces accessibility enhancements, recommendation systems, and customization options, making it more versatile for users.

One of the standout features is the voice transcription, now available to all users. Previously exclusive to Telegram Premium subscribers, this feature allows users to transcribe voice messages or translate audio into different languages. Free users, however, are limited to transcribing only two messages per week. Telegram notes that this feature will be gradually rolled out to users.

Telegram Teases Its visionOS App with AR Stickers for Apple Vision Pro
One standout feature demonstrated in the teaser is an immersive video player that enhances the viewing experience. Additionally, the app includes animated AR stickers that expand beyond the app window, adding an extra layer of interactivity.

In a bid to enhance user experience, Telegram now offers Similar Channels recommendations. When you subscribe to a channel, the app will present a list of similar public channels that might interest you. These suggestions are generated based on audience overlap, making it easier for users to discover content aligned with their preferences.

Additionally, users can now repost stories from friends and channels to their own profiles. This feature enables the addition of text, audio, or video content to the reposted stories, allowing for a more personalized touch. Users can also choose the visibility settings for their reposts.

For those who love adding a personal touch to their chats, Telegram Premium subscribers can now set custom wallpapers for individual chats. This customization extends to both sides of the conversation, creating a unique and visually appealing experience.

Telegram’s Latest Update Introduces Stories for Channels and More
Telegram is stepping up its game once again. In its latest update, the popular messaging app has introduced several exciting features, including Stories for channels, reaction stickers in Stories, and the ability to add your own music to Stories.

Channel admins now have access to story statistics, including views, shares, and reactions. Detailed graphs help track the reach and performance of their stories. Furthermore, channel admins can manage reactions, including adding or removing specific emoji. Channels can also include custom emoji reactions for each level they attain.

In a nod to developers and tech enthusiasts, Telegram now automatically highlights coding syntax in messages sent with code formatting. This feature can be particularly useful for distinguishing between different programming languages.

Lastly, for iOS users, auto-deleted messages come with a delightful Thanos Snap Effect, where messages dissolve into a million pixels upon timer expiration.