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Zoom is an American cloud-based videotelephony platform for video and audio conferencing, chatting, and webinars.

Weekly Fun: Zoom Filter Mishap and a Spectator Giving Nadal the Finger

This week’s stories feature Texas attorney Rod Ponton who was trapped by a cat filter during a Zoom call, and a spectator who was ejected from the Australian Open match for making noise and giving Rafael Nadal the middle finger.

Handy Tips: How to Make Your Own Teleprompter

Today, we will tell you how to make your own iPhone or iPad teleprompter in less than 10 minutes.

Skype vs. Zoom: Which Video Conferencing Platform Is Better?

We need Zoom and Skype for video communication like video conferences, webinars, and video chats with many participants. But what is the difference between these two platforms, really? Let’s try to figure this out in our article.

Zoom Temporarily Removed Giphy Integration From Chats

The video conferencing service says the Giphy feature will be back after some security and technical improvements are made.

500,000 Zoom Logins Were Sold Through an Anonymous Telegram Account

A new Zoom scandal occurred due to poor privacy. This time, 500,000 Zoom logins were leaked to a private Telegram account, and then accounts were redeemed by Cyble cybersecurity experts for $6,000.

Weekly Fun: Middle Ages Memes, 16 Types of Zoomers, and a Video Conference with Einstein

This week’s stories feature how modern memes would look like in the Middle Ages, a famous conductor who turned into a meme, and 16 types of Zoom users.

JMC Is Going to Implement Dr. Zelenko’s Coronavirus Treatment Plan

Last week, the CrowdProtocol team took part in a Zoom video conference with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, where he shared his thoughts about the way patients infected with COVID-19 should be treated. Now, we have additional information – his opinion about artificial ventilation of the lungs.

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