Zoom is unveiling its AI Companion, a feature-packed virtual assistant designed to boost productivity and streamline collaboration. This move comes after Zoom addressed privacy concerns regarding its AI tools, ensuring customer data is not used for training purposes.

The AI Companion offers a range of capabilities, including advanced chat responses to help users maintain an appropriate tone and length in their messages, meeting summaries for latecomers, email composition assistance, chat message summarization, and even planning support for upcoming meetings. In addition, it facilitates brainstorming sessions by generating and categorizing ideas on a digital whiteboard.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature is the AI Companion's conversational interface, set to launch in spring 2024, which enables users to chat directly with the AI and inquire about past meetings and chats or perform various actions on their behalf. Furthermore, it will provide real-time feedback on meeting presence and communication skills. Zoom emphasizes user control, allowing individuals and administrators to toggle these features on or off as needed.

Zoom Introduces Notes for Seamless Meeting Collaboration
This new feature allows users to create and share content directly within Zoom Meetings, fostering real-time collaboration and eliminating the need to switch between Zoom and external documents or tools.

The AI Companion is set to become an integral part of Zoom's ecosystem, covering Zoom Meetings, Team Chat, Zoom Mail, and more. It aims to enhance work quality, collaboration, and communication skills, offering a dynamic tool to streamline everyday tasks.