It seems like even Maya predicted that eventually handy electronic books would completely replace the multi-volume printed ones. However, the book-publishing industry thrives to this very day, the bookstores have not disappeared, and libraries have not turned into new mass-market retailers.

Let’s make it all clear. In the right corner of a boxing ring, we have such a photogenic and yet such impractical printed book. In the left corner, there is an innovative state-of-the-art – an elegant yet lifeless e-book.

Round 1

It is convenient to read paper books in the daytime. However, as the day comes to an end, and you decide to switch on the desk lamp, you realize that the shadow falls in the wrong direction, the lighting is all wrong, and you don’t feel comfortable sitting/standing/lying anymore. On the contrary, one can read e-books even when it is pitch-dark, or in outer space, or while hiding in the closet. The bottom line is you can pretty much read them anywhere.

Moreover, oh god, your arm can get so numb when you are holding, for instance, Charles Darwin’s beautifully illustrated On the Origin of Species. Holding this book in your arms for an hour pretty much equals a one-hour workout at the gym. On the other hand, the electronic version of this masterpiece and you may have mutual love just like in the most romantic melodrama movie, like in the fairy tale where jigsaw fell into place, and you feel like you belong together.

Round 2

Paper books create a festive atmosphere. Just imagine – you open some package with a copy of your favorite piece of literature and instantly smell that freshly printed book scent. Pizzazz! The smell of a new book, the flatter of the turning pages. The experiments prove that we experience more positive emotions while reading paper books. E-books are more practical than printed ones, but they have no soul. Although, wait a minute, picking up a book only to feel the flatter of its pages is a bit weird. Anyway, we’ll leave the second round to the paper edition.

All the pros and cons listed above considered, it is safe to say that the game ended in a tie. It all depends on your needs and current situation, but the most important thing is to keep reading. The benefits of reading are indisputable. Reading helps to keep your mind clear and healthy. Well-read people are rarely poor and don’t forget how reading develops one’s fantasy!

One of the services that allow people to enjoy the world of e-books is GetBooks.

What is GetBooks?

The company was founded in 2015. Although people in Israel read books on an ongoing basis, it was clear that there were not enough e-books to read written in Hebrew. This is how the idea of creating GetBooks was born.

Fun fact: erotic novels are in high demand and women in their 30s and more are the most active reading audience. Over two years, the company has established itself as reliable service and has occupied a significant market share. Back in 2017, an electronic library project was created with an Israeli leading cellular company.

What is more, every city library in Israel can now offer its customers not only paper books that they often need to wait for weeks, but also the electronic books versions, and that makes life much easier. The app is available on both Google Play and App Store. Tens of thousands of readers have already appreciated the benefits of the GetBooks app.

Soon, the company plans to release an app with religious literature and an app for Russian-speaking users.

Read books, have fun, and enjoy!