The Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric has come up with a new type of ceiling light, which is designed for employees who often need to work overtime. It will help office workers who stay late at work to compensate for their lack of proximity to nature and reduce stress at work.

The lighting fixture is a square panel with frames that resembles a window. It has a bluish tint, and the frames are highlighted in such a way that only three sides of the frame light up, while the fourth acts as a visual shadow. The result is an impression of natural light and a view of the sky. This system is called Misola.

Misola — Mitsubishi Artificial Window 

According to the creators, artificial windows should reduce the level of depression in office workers. Representatives of the company also planned the sale of unique panels in hospitals, as well as nursing homes.

The sale of artificial windows is scheduled for this fall. Misola will be ready to go on sale this October. As for the cost, the company will ask for 6.2 thousand dollars for the basic version of the panel with manual settings, while modification with automatic settings will cost about 6.8 thousand dollars.