In October, in addition to the new iPhones, Apple will introduce a new feature with access to a particular set of paid services of the company at a reduced price, and this bundled subscription service will be called Apple One.

Apple considered launching bundle plans last year, after Amazon's success with its own super-package Amazon Prime.

Apple previously included Apple TV+ with its Apple Music student subscription without the extra charge and is also giving a free one-year TV+ subscription to all new device buyers. Packaged plans with a reduced monthly subscription are an excellent opportunity to attract more customers, thereby ensuring stable income growth.

Apple News Launches Its Daily News Podcasts
Apple launches daily audio news briefing, which will be hosted by Apple News editors. There will be exclusive podcasts for Apple News+ subscribers and free ones for all Apple News users.

By the end of 2020, Apple expects to hit the 600 million paying subscriber milestone. Apple already has more than 550 million paying subscribers – 35 million new paid subscribers were added last quarter.

Apple Presented Car Key Feature for Wirelessly Unlocking Your Car
Apple presented wireless car unlocking with the help of an iPhone. Other automakers also offer digital keys with similar capabilities, but they provide separate apps, whereas Apple directly built it into iOS.

According to Bloomberg, the basic package will include Apple Music and Apple TV+. More expensive plans will also include Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and additional iCloud storage. Then there will also be a top tier that adds in Apple's new fitness service that's shaping up to take on Peloton. The structure of the bundles isn't final and may change before Apple One is announced.

Apple TV+ in a Nutshell | The Internet Protocol
Apple’s new streaming video service called Apple TV+ is finally launched. Available in over a hundred countries, it offers a variety of shows to watch now and even more to be added later.

Bloomberg sources are confident that Apple's Family Sharing system, which allows a family of up to six members to use one subscription, will be available in all packages.

The pricing details are still unknown. It is also unclear if it will be possible to create custom packages.

Apple currently has four major media subscriptions: Apple News+, Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade. Besides, Apple offers subscription plans for iCloud, Apple Care, and iPhone Leasing.