Apple has just unveiled a new, more affordable Apple Pencil equipped with USB-C charging. This latest addition to the lineup provides a budget-friendly choice for iPad users without compromising on essential features.

While it doesn't offer some advanced functionalities found in its pricier counterparts, the new Apple Pencil still boasts pixel-perfect accuracy, low latency, and tilt sensitivity, making it ideal for various tasks like note-taking, sketching, and annotating.

Apple Unveils iPhone 15 Lineup With USB-C and Dynamic Island
These announcements represent a significant step forward for Apple, with the adoption of USB-C and camera improvements standing out as noteworthy changes in the new iPhone 15 lineup.

Compared to the second-generation Apple Pencil, this cheaper version lacks magnetic charging, pressure sensitivity for line thickness control, and the double-tap tool-switching feature. However, it does support the hover on function, creating a cursor preview when the stylus is close to the screen, and securely attaches to the side of compatible iPads using magnets.

The new USB-C Apple Pencil is priced at $79, offering a cost-effective alternative to the pricier model at $129. It is set to hit the market in early November, providing iPad users with an affordable yet capable stylus for a wide range of tasks.