Boston Dynamics' remarkable robot dog, Spot, has learned a new skill – talking in a British accent, and it's not just any conversation – it can even craft sarcastic poetry. This transformation was achieved through the integration of ChatGPT by OpenAI, along with dynamic speakers and text-to-speech technology.

Spot, renowned for its acrobatics and dance moves, is now a conversationalist. In a captivating video tour of Boston Dynamics' headquarters, Spot dons a top hat, mustache, and googly eyes, inviting viewers on a journey through the company's facilities. It guides the audience through various rooms, including the resting and recharging stations for fellow robots.

Spot's newfound linguistic talents include answering questions and opening its "mouth" for a more natural conversation. It has also adopted multiple personas, such as a Shakespearean time traveler, a teenager, and a fashionable butler. When tasked with creating a haiku, it humorously responded with, "Generator hums low in a room devoid of joy. Much like my soul."

Boston Dynamics Launches Commercial Sales of Robot Dog Spot for $74,500
Boston Dynamics started the commercial sales of Spot – robot dogs, which were used to help maintain social distance, clean public places and hospitals, as well as for decommission of nuclear sites, factory floors, construction sites, and even for herding sheep and farming.

Behind this innovation is the utilization of Visual Question Answering models, allowing Spot to describe its surroundings based on the imagery captured by its cameras. Boston Dynamics employed a "very brief script" for each room, which Spot combines with visual data to generate context-aware responses.