All the die-hard fans hold their breath back on September 27. That was when the album was expected to be released. The insidious intriguer Kim Kardashian, the musician’s wife, posted a track list of the upcoming album and its release date on Twitter. Kanye homie approved it and… the album wasn’t released on September 27.

We’ve been waiting for it, and here it is! The world may finally see the rapper’s IMAX documentary directed by Nick Knight at the Roden Crater.

Here’s a bit of a synopsis of the documentary: the movie features the performances of the Sunday Service, Kanye West’s gospel-rap group. The picture was filmed this summer at the Roden Crater, Arizona. By the way, the Roden Crater is one of the most famous works of a modern American artist James Turrell. Back in 1977, he had some auspicious shopping days and bought the Crater, later having turned it into an art installation or a celestial observatory under an open sky. Kanye was so impressed with the beauty of the Crater that he donated $10 million to the Project.

The movie features gospel songs arranged by Kanye along with tracks from the latest album. The director of the documentary is a fashion photographer Nick Night who has worked with Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent. He has also shot for such magazines as Vogue and i-D. The group of cinematographers includes Knight himself, a photographer and artist Britt Lloyd, and a documentary camera operator Nico Ballesteros.