As we reported earlier, the BitTorrent client was suddenly shut down on November 4. There were a few facts concerning the reason why the service was not running. However, some of our sources informed us about a raid upon a notorious site operator’s house in Tunisia. Nevertheless, there were no official reports about whether the arrestee was one of the staff members.

Popcorn Time Introduced Popcorn Time for Kids During the Coronavirus Quarantine
Popcorn Time reacted to numerous requests of its users and created a special version of Popcorn Time for kids at a time when most children are locked at home and have nothing to do during the quarantine.

Tonight, on November 11, 2019, the video streaming website kind of started working again. At least it seems like that at first sight. However, if you dig deeper, you’ll find out that the CI build of doesn’t work, nor does its Discuss webpage.

Reddit users have been discussing the website’s mirrors that have been emerging lately. At this point, there are three mirrors that are: that appeared several months ago, that launched a few days ago, and which looks exactly like the version. The CI builds of all three mirrors cannot be reached, too. Users warn, however, that those mirror websites cannot be trusted.

We also recommend you to be cautious while using as no one knows who is currently operating the website.

The Internet Protocol keeps abreast of this case.