On Christmas Eve, the movie called Cats that is directed by an Award-winning director Tom Hooper will be out. The first trailer of this musical fantasy film based on the famous stage musical caused mixed reactions and put more logs on the meme fire. The trailer merely became a wealth of memes and funny tweets. The film promises to reinterpret the old musical with a modern twist. Of course, there will be plenty of singing and dancing from ballet to hip-hop. Just imagine a kitty dancing to hip-hop music! Jeez, I’ll have to tickets, please! You got to see this.

The cast includes James Corden, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift, and Rebel Wilson. The Royal Ballet ballerina Francesca Hayward also starred in Cats.

So, in order not to let you mess everything up and let you brag about your impressive intellectual abilities to your boyfriend/a girl you like/your workmate over coffee, we’ve prepared a short summary of basic information about the famous musical. Read, memorize, and enjoy!

Apparently, you’d think that there’s nothing left in the world that can surprise or astonish a pampered spectator. A whole bunch of stuff has already been played and written. It seems like we’ve hit a creative rock bottom. However, Andrew Lloyd Webber is a real master. His sing-through musical Cats is a sincere and sometimes naïve play that won the hearts of viewers all over the world. Fantastic music and unconventional plot are the direct hit into people’s hearts. The composer worked tirelessly on Cats for three years. The premiere took place in the spring of 1981 in The New London Theatre. It was an undeniable success because a musical starring cats and not people simply couldn’t fail. In October 1982, Cats made it in Broadway, and since then the show remains at the top of the “long-lived” theatrical plays list.

Interesting Facts

  • The events of the musical are unfolding in the junkyard. Many European countries considered this location unaesthetic. Therefore, if you will have a desire to see the play in Sweden or Norway, the events will be unfolding on the roof.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber’s wife, the stunning singer Sarah Brightman, auditioned for the role of Jemima for five times while being yet unmarried to the composer, and only the sixth attempt was successful. Yep, sometimes men need too much time to understand that it’s the right person.
  • There are 36 roles in the musical. The creators intentionally didn’t want to get world-class actors. That is why Barbra Streisand and, oh God, Liza Minnelli got rejected.
  • For all time, about 50 million people have seen the musical.
  • In 1992, Andrew Lloyd Weber was appointed Knight Bachelor for services to the Arts by The Queen herself.

It’s difficult to underestimate the Significance of the Cats musical; it was this creation that managed to save Broadway theatre from a crisis. Back in those days, America was suffering from a crisis. People didn’t have money for food, how could they even think of some theatre? But people went to see Cats with their whole families. It was a ray of light amidst the chaos. The first film adaptation released in 1998 was sold out with a circulation of more than 4 million copies within just a week after the release.

Cats is not just another beautiful show. It’s a fairy-tale world that makes you believe in real magic.