According to anonymous sources, within five years, Apple plans to develop its satellite system for direct data transmission to its devices bypassing existing communication channels.

Cupertino wants to reduce its dependence on operators and implement its own channel through which the company's devices could directly receive data from Apple, as well as exchange between each other within a single network. Besides, its satellite network will help to determine the geolocation more accurately and improve the quality of branded maps.

Several engineers with experience with creating satellites, antennas, and other communication equipment, as well as experts in relevant software, were hired by Apple to work on the project. The team was led by aerospace engineers Michael Trela and John Fenwick, who previously worked for Skybox Imaging, a satellite imaging firm bought by Google in 2014.

Currently, Apple's satellite project is at an early stage and may be closed in the future. It is also not clear whether Apple intends to create its spacecraft or plans to only build ground-based equipment for receiving a signal.

Apple refused to comment on it.