TV series are an integral part of modern relaxation and a way to spend your leisure time. Netflix confidently takes the lead in the quality if originals it produces. So let’s stay tuned to the streaming service updates.

October Faction

It looks like we have another family enterprise focusing on hunting evil spirits that will greatly appeal to the fans of Supernatural. The series is based on Steve Niles’ urban-fantasy comic of the same name.

The Plot: After the tragic death of their grandfather, seventeen-year-old twins Geoff and Viv Allen move into their hometown to their parents. The Children find out that their mom and dad are not just dull white-collar workers and insurance agents – they’re real monster hunters or, to put it simply, evil spirits fighters. And they’re professionals in it indeed! And while their crazy parents are killing monsters, the kids are faced with typical teenage problems like fitting in at a new school and moving.

The extraordinary fantasy is scheduled to be released on January 23. The first season will have ten episodes.


The six-episode project will appeal to fans of such TV series as Dark and The Almighty Johnsons. The show focuses on the ecology and Norse mythology, and since the project is being produced in Norway, Netflix once again takes a decisive step to conquer national media services markets.

The Plot: The story unfolds in a small town called Edda, located among pastoral views. The series tells the story about the growing up of modern schoolchildren through the prism of the Norse mythology. However, it’s not just another Netflix-style teen story. It is this town where the final battle of gods and giants should take place. Therefore, the two teenagers come to the city. One of them has a very high-powered dad, namely the Odin God. Yep, here’s a wild mixture of a typical series about teenagers with a dash of gods, battles, and giants. Plus, all this is lightly seasoned with an emphasis on climate change, as this topic deserves the closest attention.

The premiere of the series is scheduled for January 31.