WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers that is being continually improved, receiving more and more new features. WhatsApp's users have been waiting for the ability to make customized stickers for a very long time.

Not so long ago, users received the long-awaited update. Now, everyone can easily create their stickers packs, at least using famous films characters or even photos of their cats.

On February 14, you can create personal stickers for your loved ones. There’s no need to send the ready-made poems, stickers, and regular emoticons, because WhatsApp stickers are the fastest and most effective way to express your emotions.

If you didn't buy a present for Valentine's Day, at least spend a little while creating a sticker.

There are several ways to create WhatsApp stickers, but on February 14, we understand that we don't have so much time, that's why we need the fastest way.

The easiest way is to download apps to help you create WhatsApp stickers, for example, the Sticker Maker app.

Step 1: Visit Google Play or App Store and download a Sticker maker app.

Step 2: Select the option to create a new sticker pack.

Step 3: Add and edit the Sticker image.

Step 4: Enter the sticker pack's name to save it.

Step 5: Add the Sticker pack to WhatsApp

Step 6: Open WhatsApp, tap on the Stickers icon to see the new pack that is ready to use.

With the Sticker maker app, you can also create stickers using any photo.