GTA V remains one of the highest-grossing games on all platforms. Rockstar Games has not announced the release date of GTA VI yet, but there’s a chance that fans will finally receive the long-awaited information about the game next week.

The Grand Theft Auto game series has a huge fan base. The last part of it – GTA V – was released in 2013, so fans around the world are looking forward to its sequel, the name of which is supposed to be at number six.

Reddit’s GTAForums user with the nickname Gonnaenodaethat often posts encrypted messages and creates topics, one of which is called 3/20. The moderators of this forum usually ban users who post false rumors. However, all of Gonnaenodaethat’s topics remained untouched, and the user didn't receive a ban. Also, some of his messages were even pinned by the administration of the site.

Reddit users have suggested that by 3/20, Gonnaenodaethat means March 20. Therefore, on this day, fans are expecting the official announcement of the new part of the game.

Gonnaenodaethat previously published similar insights regarding the presentation of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, and they all turned out to be true. In a week, hopefully, the rumors will be true this time too.