First of all, it has long been known that some websites offer Gram tokens to the general public. These websites sometimes refer to such offers as "pre-sales of tokens," and some pretend to be associated with Telegram. But all these sites are not the official Telegram sites, and they are not related to Telegram in any way. In general, not a single Gram token has been issued to anyone yet. Neither Telegram nor its representatives participate in public sales or Gram pre-sales.

The TON blockchain platform on which Gram will run is still in beta testing, and you can access the beta testing website at Grams will be created and available for purchase only after the official launch of TON.

Secondly, if you are considering whether to buy GRAM after the launch of the TON platform, you should know that Telegram and its affiliates did not give any promises or obligations to develop any applications or functionality for the TON blockchain platform after its launch.

Telegram may never do this at all. Instead, it is Telegram's goal and hopes that a decentralized third-party community will contribute to the TON ecosystem through application development and smart contracts.

Responsibility for the adoption and implementation of applications or smart contracts on the TON blockchain platform depends only on communities and third parties. Telegram does not and cannot guarantee that anyone will assume such obligations or provide such services at any given time or in general.

Thirdly, you should not expect any profit after the purchase or ownership of Gram tokens, and Telegram does not guarantee that you will earn any profit. Gram is designed to exchange information between users in the TON ecosystem. Gram is not an investment product, so there should not be any expectations regarding future profits from the purchase, sale, or ownership of Gram tokens.

Gram is NOT:

  • A stake in Telegram or its affiliates.
  • The right to receive dividends from Telegram or its affiliates.
  • The right to control Telegram or its affiliates.

If you buy Gram after the official launch in the future, this will not mean that you "own a part of Telegram." Gram tokens do not give their owners any exclusive rights, just like owning euros does not give you a share in the European Union.

When deciding to purchase Gram, you should be fully aware of the risk that Gram tokens may decrease in value over time or even lose their cash liquidity. There are many risks associated with the purchase of cryptocurrencies like Gram, for example, volatility in the cryptocurrency markets.

You need to remember that working with cryptocurrency is risky and can cause losses due to many external factors.