Tom Cruise, an American actor who is famous for such movies as Edge of Tomorrow and Mission: Impossible, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX, a company that creates and launches spacecraft, are reportedly working on a movie project with NASA. The project is the first action-adventure feature film to be shot aboard the International Space Station in outer space.

Little details are known so far, and the project itself is currently at an early stage of development. There’s no information as to what studio will participate in the filming process. However, it was mentioned that it would not be another Mission: Impossible movie.

On May 5, NASA’s administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed the news in a tweet, saying that “NASA is excited to work with Tom Cruise on a film aboard the Space Station.”

A few hours after the tweet was published, Elon Musk replied: “Should be a lot of fun!”

It seems like an option to shoot in a movie that will be set in space is an ideal one for Tom Cruise. He is well-known for taking on his own stunts quite often, including some scenes from the Mission: Impossible series.

Neither NASA or SpaceX nor Tom Cruise representatives provided any detailed comments regarding the future project yet, so we’ll see what the future holds.

Earlier in February, though, SpaceX announced that it would send four space tourists into the Earth orbit between late-2021 to mid-2022. This mission is set to last five days and will be launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The tourists will fly in newly developed Crew Dragon spacecraft that was specifically developed for NASA flights.

SpaceX Will Send Space Tourists into Orbit
Space tourists will not be docked with the space station. Instead, they will orbit the Earth and then return.