This summer promises to be hot, so it’s about time to dream about vacation and carefree days. During quarantine, these thoughts are a ray of sunshine in the middle of a cloudy sky. And to make your dreaming not so sad, we’ve prepared a list of four films for your summer inspiration.

1. Hot Summer Nights

It’s the early 90s outside, and Daniel, a typical high school student, comes to his relatives for summer to the resort town of Cape Cod. After Daniel meets a drug dealer, the teenager’s summer turns upside down. Soon, Daniel himself begins to sell weed and earn good money, which marks the beginning of crazy parties and carefree life. The film is generously crammed with events, but it’s not that the film is a story. It is more like an experience film that immerses you into the chaos of a teenager’s soul on the brink of adulthood.

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2. Midsommar

Summer movies are not necessarily all happy and carefree. To this list, we added a horror which turned out to be a real romantic comedy about breaking up. A group of students comes to a village to hang out at the solstice festival. But only after contact with the outside world is suddenly cut off, they understand that not everyone will come out of the sectarian trap alive.

3. Someone Great

Events unfold in the summer of New York. Jenny gets promoted and is preparing to move to San Francisco. Because of her career, she will have to end her relationship with a boyfriend and leave friends who really do not want to let her go. But the decision was made, so the three best friends decide to spend one unforgettable day in the city, ditching work and any business. This movie is about friendship and parting.

4. Call Me By Your Name

Imagine Italy in the 1980s. A 17-year-old boy Elio spends a carefree summer in his parents’ villa. Suddenly, the summer boredom is disturbed by the visit of Oliver, an adult man who came to help Elio’s father with archaeological excavations. The film portrays the tender and adoring story of the first love that whisked the young character off his feet and changed his life forever.