VidCon is an annual multi-genre online video tech conference organized by ViacomCBS. Every year, it attracts thousands of digital creators, influencers, viewers, and industry representatives from all over the world.

Now it is planning to return in the summer of 2021 and be held in Anaheim, California, as usual. However, it may be the first hybrid-format conference as visitors will be allowed to attend it digitally, meaning that people will have an option to purchase tickets for some live-streaming sessions if they can’t or don’t want to travel to the physical event.

There will be two digital-ticketing options: one for creators and industry members with streams of workshops, keynotes, and panels; and one for the community with access to livestreams of “key fan-focused sessions” from Anaheim.

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The decision follows VidCon’s successful experience at holding many digital sessions this year (referred to as VidCon Now) after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the organizers to cancel the in-person event. Instead of canceling this year’s convention altogether, the organizers reimagined it as a series of events like video chats, virtual meet-ups, and live podcasts that lasted from June through September.

According to the general manager of VidCon, this format brought together viewers from nearly 100 countries, and almost 1 million people attended the conference’s digital events over the last three months, so it became apparent that virtual components can be successfully integrated into VidCon in the future.

“We’ve clearly demonstrated that VidCon transcends borders — more than 180 of them to be exact. Our new hybrid digital and IRL model will extend VidCon’s global reach with more new ways to be informed, entertained, and inspired than ever before.”

VidCon also plans to hold its digital panels and sessions all year round now. Beginning October 27, the digital hub will provide free weekly sessions with speakers from around the world.

VidCon’s new strategy will also include expanding digital events to overseas markets, namely creating streaming versions of VidCon Mexico and VidCon Asia with panels in native languages and local time zones.

Apart from its new format, VidCon also a new logo and redesign, which is its first rebranding since 2010. The new design was executed by UTA Brand Studio and focuses more on all digital creators rather than YouTubers only.

“We started VidCon more than a decade ago to help strengthen and promote the explosion of creativity that was happening online,” VidCon cofounder Hank Green said in a statement. “That ecosystem continues to grow and evolve beyond what we ever imagined, as has VidCon, and we’re excited to extend the magic of this event to the community no matter where they are accessing it from.”