The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted work processes and hiring around the world, and these changes have particularly affected Silicon Valley. In this article, we will tell you how employers' approach will change after the pandemic is over.

1. Networking effect will weaken

Since the beginning of the quarantine, more than 70,000 startup employees have been laid off, most of whom are located in Silicon Valley. And it would be a fairy tale to find a new workplace right next to your home! But most likely, this will not happen, and more than 40% of employees will start working remotely.

A new approach to work will increase the capabilities of professionals from around the world and weaken the impact of networking. Working remotely will also allow companies to create a great product regardless of the location of the company. By the way, these processes were already gaining momentum, the pandemic was only a serious catalyst.

2. New professions will emerge

Companies will need a telecommuting specialist to find a suitable online meeting environment, maintain documentation, and provide remote teams with tips on workflow management.

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3. The importance of face-to-face meetings will decrease

Before the pandemic, only 30% of interviews ended with signing a contract. After the pandemic, this indicator will increase significantly, because the skills of the employee could be checked online. And during the interview, the candidate will get acquainted with the team and the project, and if the meeting is successful, the candidate will most likely be accepted into the staff.

4. Sociocultural diversity will develop

The transition to remote work significantly increases the choice of employees for companies. Large companies have tried for years to improve diversity in their teams, but since 2014, this figure at Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft has grown by less than 1%. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation will change: employers will focus more on skills than a place of residence or origin.

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5. University job fairs will lose their popularity

The number of participants at the university fairs will be reduced to zero as most graduates will be interviewed for online internships. This is due to both the need for social distancing and the fact that many businesses and educational institutions will not return to their usual way of life. Nowadays, many employers are looking for interns only from top educational institutions, missing out on excellent programmers from average but good universities. After the pandemic, real skills will come to the fore, which will significantly simplify access to the IT industry.