TikTok is expanding its reach in the music industry with the launch of its new music streaming service, TikTok Music. This is reported by TechCrunch. Initially available in Brazil and Indonesia, the subscription-based service aims to compete with established players like Spotify and Apple Music.

India Permanently Banned TikTok and 58 Other Chinese Apps
In 2019, ByteDance planned to invest about $1 billion into financing its operations in India. However, last year, India’s government blocked TikTok and about 100 other apps that were developed in China.

TikTok Music offers a range of features to enhance the music listening experience. Users can sync the service with their existing TikTok accounts, allowing them to discover and listen to viral tracks in their full versions. The platform also provides access to lyrics in real-time, enables the creation of collaborative playlists, and allows users to import their music libraries from other platforms. Additionally, a Shazam-like feature helps identify the music being played.

The service includes a catalog of songs from major record labels, including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music. This extensive library ensures a diverse selection of music for users to explore and enjoy.

TikTok Owner ByteDance Launched Its Own Payment Service
ByteDance acquired a payment license when it bought a payments solution provider called Wuhan Hezhong Yibao Technology in 2020. The license allows Douyin to offer payment features.

TikTok Music goes beyond being just a music streaming service. It incorporates social elements, allowing users to engage with other music lovers through comments and discussions.

While the launch in Brazil and Indonesia marks TikTok Music's initial rollout, the company has not yet announced plans for expansion into other countries.

The subscription price for TikTok Music in Brazil is $3.49 per month, while in Indonesia, iOS users pay $3.25 per month, and Android users enjoy a discounted rate of $2.96 for the first year, then $3.25 afterwards.