In a bid to empower creators and offer more ways to express creativity, TikTok has unveiled its latest feature: text posts. Previously known for its short-form videos, TikTok is now diversifying its content options with the addition of text-based posts, allowing users to share stories, poems, recipes, and more.

TikTok Launches a New Music Streaming Service in Brazil and Indonesia
TikTok Music offers a range of features to enhance the music listening experience. Users can sync the service with their existing TikTok accounts, allowing them to discover and listen to viral tracks in their full versions.

The text posts, with a maximum of 1,000 characters, can be accompanied by music, location tags, hashtags, stickers, and other interactive elements. Additionally, creators can enable comments and duets for their text posts.

To create a text post, users can simply access the Camera page and select the "text" option, leading them to the text creation page to type out their content. Just like video and photo posts, drafts can be saved for later editing or discarded if needed. This new feature puts TikTok in direct competition with platforms like Twitter and Meta's Threads as users seek a fresh outlet for sharing text-based content.

Shazam Can Now Identify Songs from Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
To use the feature, users simply need to open the Shazam app, tap the Shazam button, and return to the desired third-party app to identify the playing track. Shazam utilizes the smartphone’s microphone to listen to the song.

TikTok's expansion into text posts further broadens the boundaries of content creation and provides a dedicated space for the written creativity that has already been evident in comments, captions, and videos on the platform.