Twitter is undergoing a major transformation as it rebrands itself as "X," leaving behind its iconic blue bird logo. The change was signaled by Elon Musk, the owner of the social media platform, through a series of tweets.

The new X logo, stylized in black and white, has replaced the bird logo both on the web and mobile versions. Musk envisions the new X platform as an "everything app" that will combine communication, multimedia exchange, and financial transactions.

The rebranding comes after several months of tumultuous changes in Twitter's business strategy, leaving the company in a vulnerable financial position. The move has also raised concerns among analysts, as it risks losing the recognition and reputation built over years with the familiar blue bird logo.

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Instagram head Adam Mosseri emphasized the opportunity to build something open and beneficial for the existing Instagram community. With familiar features like liking and commenting, Threads allows users to engage with their network seamlessly.

Nonetheless, Musk seems determined to reshape Twitter into an all-encompassing platform and face the challenges of rebranding. Only time will tell how the public receives the X transformation amidst potential legal hurdles from other companies with "X" trademarks.