Tesla is venturing into feline-friendly territory with the launch of a unique product – a cardboard cat house that draws design inspiration from the iconic Cybertruck. Named the Tesla Life Cat Nest, this cat haven is constructed from dense 5-layer corrugated cardboard and comes in a flat-pack format. The cat house's shape is reminiscent of the futuristic angles of the Cybertruck, creating an interesting fusion of technology and pet comfort.

Tesla Launches a Microphone for In-Car Karaoke in China
A recent software update allows you to sing in a parked electric vehicle and enjoy your favorite hits. The microphone automatically pairs with the infotainment system and has several sound modes.

The cat house can accommodate cats weighing up to 7.5 kg. The design is a playful nod to Tesla's distinctive Cybertruck design. Tesla Life Cat Nest is currently available for purchase at 89 yuan (approximately $14) in China, and it requires assembly according to an included guide.

Tesla to Release a Four-Motor Version of Cybertruck
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed new details about the upcoming Cybertruck electric pickup truck. According to Musk, its initial production will begin with a four-motor variant.

This quirky addition to Tesla's lineup is part of the company's ongoing efforts to engage with its fan base through unique and often whimsical products. The company has previously released a drip coffee maker, a Frisbee, and a skateboard – all focused on the young Chinese consumers.