We all deserve a great relationship. We deserve respect, support, and love from our partners. Put this axiom in a pipe and smoke it. Don’t you even dare find any compromise options. If you stew in an abuse juice seasoned with a large portion of your personal boundaries violation for too long, you’ll think that same happens with everyone and that in general, it’s totally normal.

We all know proverbs like "All men are the same", "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", "Something is better than nothing". Some people live their lives in chains because of the influence of such stereotypes. As a result, they spend their lives with those who cannot even satisfy any of their needs, who can only hurt and dance the samba over one’s self-esteem. People of this type are horsemen of the apocalypse, they’re tyrants. Is being with them better than being alone? Why’s that? Why live the only life you have (excuse me, Buddhists) with those less than human?

Let us imagine the following situation. You are looking for a capoeira partner and you successfully find him really soon. You are glowing with happiness, yet later it turns out that your partner doesn’t have any idea what that capoeira thing is. You know, his valentines actually are beer and Netflix that he watches all day long. And here you are, sitting on the couch next to him, opening a bottle of an unfiltered dark beer and waiting for him to get off the fucking couch to dance that capoeira thing with you. Day follows the night, one episode follows another, and your beer belly and unrealistic expectations grow exponentially. Getting off the sofa and finding a new partner kind of freaks you out because it means starting the search process from scratch. It is pretty challenging for a couch potato who has already put up with the way things are.

Go and bring a time-turner, we have a client here! Try to recall how you wanted to practice capoeira; what’s that got to do with that slothful person? He’s an anchor pulling you down. Why settling for a pathetic excuse for a relationship? Chilling on the sofa cannot replace dancing. A toxic relationship is not love. Love is like capoeira. It´s a martial art that combines elements of dance, and it is beautiful. See, it’s a subtle metaphor. Commitment and getting used to the partner (the struggle) gives way to harmony (the precision of the movements, the dancing part).

Don’t try to recognize love in a person who doesn’t even pay attention to your interests and passions. Only go for someone that can bring you happiness.