To be, or not to be

The age-old question that makes almost all beautiful female minds ponder is "When is the right time to go third base when two people first started dating?" You can't even imagine how agonizing is the choice between yielding up your fort and stalling for too long. In the former case, there's a chance that interest can disappear just like the morning dew does with the rising sun, and in the latter, the flame can be knocked down too soon. This significant and intimate subject is brought up at almost every (at each, really!) girly binge. Having pieced together the most common points of view on the topic, I'll try to explain the notorious "women’s logic".

Three-dates rule

Nobody knows where this rule came from and why there should be precisely three dates. For some, it is axiomatic, though. It is generally believed that it's enough not to acquire a flippant girl's reputation and to keep your man's interest off the charts. Fun fact: it doesn't matter whether it was three dates in a row or once a quarter. Those who are passionately keen on this theory are truly borderline. Who are they? The prey or the predators? A wildcat or a fraidy-cat? They are confined to silly stereotypes and decency boundaries. Honey is sweet, but the bee stings. To be fair, I've got to admit that this three-date formality makes one's life a lot easier. Just hold out for three dates and get to the good part.

Is this going anywhere? The rule of having serious intentions

Such women glorify their trinket (I can't think of any other substitute word) and are sure that sex with them is a reward for men. However, a bunch of flowers, a movie night, and a night out are not enough. You necessarily need to confirm that your intentions are nothing but serious. You better sigh a blood agreement or update your social media status. It's safer that way. Ideally, you'd better marry her. At least if you're a skilled cheater, the wedding talk would be enough. Consider the trinket box open for you.

The "bait" rule

This woman can swallow swords and other things, put her legs behind her head, tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, she's familiar with oratory oral mastery and mostly all of it is OK. There's nothing wrong with any of these skills except that this lady sincerely believes that she can keep a man by having sex with him. There will be no first date sex, but there will be heavy self-advertising and jib-jabber about it.

Rules… Fuck'em

It’s widely assumed to be purely men's attitude. The previous sentence makes one feminist tear her hair out. This theory adherents' body is a tool of pleasure. There will be sex if they want to, and there won't be any even if somebody wanna rock their boat badly. It's no use using cunning. Women with this mindset don’t care about formalities.

No matter what point on first date sex you have, sooner or later the birds and the bees will meet. You'll meet a man you would love to break the rules with. The man you can't say no to.