She does a manicure, a pedicure, buys sexy underwear, makes a blowout, does the makeup… He buys a cup of coffee for 10$. Why do women spend so much on their beauty regimen and how those in love see your flaws.

Oh, women! They are constantly changing something in themselves, starting from nailies and ending with popliteal fat removal. And if they don’t, they certainly want to. If we suddenly ask all them "What or who do you do all this for?", 80 percent of women will say "For men". And yet it’s pure claptrap. Looking like a million bucks and attracting men are not the same things. M’kay, there’s no denying that people judge you by appearances and that it’s a meaningful element of creating initial interest, but there needs to be something else for continuing. Welcome to reality. Nobody will admire your intricate nail design and those passionately bouncing hair locks that archly frame your face for the rest of their lives.

A man who you may not be afraid to spend the rest of your life with doesn’t care whether your eyebrows are on fleek or if your winged eyeliner is sharp enough. Find someone who will appreciate you for your golden laughter rather than for fake eyelashes that make you look like you gonna take flight if you blink too fast. Finding the one like this will help you save an awful lot of money and, most importantly, help the fear of him seeing you barefaced and dumping you go away.

Lovers couldn’t care less about your imperfections. I slightly remember the first time I saw my boyfriend. Eyes of azure blue, naughty eyes, and that body smell. It instantly felt like I’d known him forever. How can someone be imperfect after all this? Everything that follows after that everlasting impression is just a soap bubble.

Just so you know it’s not just some-girl-in-love’s snotty-nosed whining, I’ll provide you with an example from history.

Charles Baudelaire was a poet, a cynic and an ardent misogynist. Yet even this cold heart fell in love with a Haitian woman like a fool even though she was utterly greedy and hungry for men. It was her who immersed him into deep soul-searching, cheating and debt, and still, he dedicated his finest pieces of work to her and gave her his last bids of money.

Here’s the world’s favorite poem dedicated to this femme fatale:

“You smell like musk and tobacco of Havana,
Midnight Child, my fatal idol.
Neither opium nor hops compete with you
Do not dare, my demon; you are the promised land,
Where my grievous desires are caravans
To the wells of your eyes go to a watering-place…”

This is how a man in love sees. This is how he really should see. No matter what beast you may think you are.