If you want to visit a new city and fall in love with it, pack your bags in September.

September is the best month for traveling: velvet season, cheap tickets, and not so overcrowded streets with tourists. We wish you to see these 3 terrific places in Europe:

1. Barcelona, Spain

Little Catalonia
Photo by Kseniya Petukhova / Unsplash
There is something magnificent in this name, Barcelona. Can you hear Freddy and Montserrat singing? Barcelona is the most recognizable city in the world due to the incredible architecture and Gaudí masterpieces. Barcelona has a unique style in architecture. You might even think that it's not a real building or a house to live, but decoration for a shooting stage and a moment later some elf or a bizarre creature will look out of the window. You'll never get bored in Barcelona, especially if you come at the end of the month. As soon as you've crossed the doorstep of your hotel, the streets will leave you breathless. Plus, don't forget to take part in the celebration of La Merce! These grand festivities allow seeing all the Catalan traditions at once. But you won't be able to find out the prices as this is the free-of-charge event. You can just have a good time and feel like a local without spending a dime. Just be sure this is going to be the adventure you remember.

2. Munich, Germany

Photo by Anelale Nájera / Unsplash
What about Beer Festival? Go to Munich! On September 21, the rivers of beer will be there as Octoberfest starts. 16 days of loud and joyful celebration, hundreds of brands and variety of delicious beer sorts accompanied with all possible snacks. It's better to buy tickets directly from the tents, solo travelers or groups of two shouldn't have problems to find seats in a beer tent without a reservation. For your company is big, make sure you’ve got the tickets beforehand. Prices start with 150 euros. Don't miss the chance to explore the greatest beer fest in the world.
Of course, if you are not interested in drinking beer all day long, in Munich you can find over 80 museums and the oldest cinema in the world. Enjoy the trip!

3. Sicily, Italy

Taormina, Sicily
Photo by Ruth Troughton / Unsplash
Bellissima e appassionata, Sicilia! This place will be a stand-alone island in your memory. If you prefer to escape from the city routine and be away from noisy festivals, Sicily - beautiful Mediterranean island with over 280 stunning beaches will be the best solution. If you are the fan of seaside resort and you plan to settle down on the beach for the whole vacation—rent a Sicilian villa, most of them are located on the West coast within 5 minutes from the shore. More to it, the volcano and mountain scenery makes a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities. And of course, you will explore thousands of facts about Cosa Nostra. What else to say, Sicily is the origin of demonic beauty, cruelty, and the most delicious cuisine.