The history of Black Friday as a holiday began fifty years ago in the USA. It falls on the day after Thanksgiving that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Black Friday is marked by the most significant sales of the year in all shopping centers.

There are several theories as to why Friday is exactly called Black. Still, it is more likely that the word “black” refers to the black ink that was used to record profits in the old bookkeeping practice. People in the USA used to record profits in black ink and losses in a red one.

Why Do Sellers Need Black Friday?

Just like in every marketing campaign, the sellers’ goal is to earn as much as possible. Sales and promotions allow sellers to quickly get rid of large amounts of goods. They are especially useful when the fall goods, which came on the market in August, are not new to consumers anymore, and the spring/summer collection will be out only in January.

As all sellers think, the mid-season, when consumers are less interested, is the perfect time to make some money by means of clearance sales.

A Really Good Deal or a Marketing Trick?

Even now some sellers still only make it look like the discounts are real. But in fact, about a couple of weeks before sales start, the prices are increased nearly twice. Nevertheless, it is said that discounts are just huge. It might attract people, but you can’t fool an experienced buyer. In such a way, sellers only undermine trust in their brand while honest sellers attract new customers and make them fall in love with the brand with the help of discounts.

The Top Retailers’ Sales

For instance, Amazon starts preparing for Black Friday in advance. At the beginning of November, the countdown to the greatest event in the world of shopping starts. Throughout Black Friday, Amazon’s product prices may change several times. Perhaps you’ll be lucky to buy something with a really huge discount.

The 6pm multi-brand discounter also prepares its customers for the upcoming sale deals beforehand by announcing the Black Friday discounts. Moreover, every hour throughout the day the store offers huge discounts on some goods. An additional bonus is that the store can send you an extra discount promo code. Surely, to get one, you need to take care of registering on a website ahead of time.

Forever 21 is heaven on earth for trendy and affordable clothes lovers. It is even better on Black Friday! Last year, the online store offered free delivery when you spend $30 and an additional discount on the “Sale” category.

One of the women’s most beloved stores, Victoria’s Secret, offers free delivery and also makes a small gift on Black Friday. It can be a bag, perfume or another pleasant little thing. The most exciting offers regarding prices will only appear by the end of December. However, the range of goods melts like snow. So, if you have something interesting in mind, don’t wait until the end of the sales! It might happen that your size or the right color will no longer be in stock.

The Gap Family Department Store is the place where you can clothe the entire family, even its smallest members. The quality of the clothing is always high, by the way. That is why don’t think too long! The products get sold out too quickly, plus throughout the year, the store offers a 40% discount on the full amount of purchase from time to time. Therefore, even by Black Friday, some of the items you were interested in may not be there anymore. On this day last year Gap made a 50% discount on a new collection.

Levi’s jeans are one of the symbols of the USA. It’s hard to imagine receiving a package from the USA without them inside given the fact that on Black Friday the company makes one of its most lucrative deals. Levi’s offers free delivery and an extra 40% discount on the purchase.

Another decent brand is Timberland. Usually, people buy Timberland products on other marketplace websites, for instance, on Amazon. However, it is worth dropping by at the store itself. On the previous Black Friday, Timberland offered free delivery, a 25% discount on shoes and an additional 30% discount on the purchase.

An aristocratic Ralph Lauren brand doesn’t come cheap, but during sale period it becomes more affordable. Last Black Friday Ralph Lauren offered a traditional multi-level discount, a 25% discount on products from the “Sale” category, and free delivery.

To sum up, do not spend all your salary at the beginning of the month, save something for Black Friday!