Learn These 5 Types of People and How to Get Along with Them and Become Everyone’s Favorite.

Type 1: The Bootlicker

This type wants to make each and everyone like them. Therefore, they take up any job ranging from cleaning out the Augean stables to replanting flowers. But the truth is, they always have burning deadlines and, let’s be honest, they don’t give a shit about it.

How to get along: You need to motivate such employees constantly. This way, they will begin to appreciate your assignments and take a responsible approach to tasks. Either simple praise or the “carrot and stick” approach can be the motivation: an opportunity to get a bonus or the risk of being reprimanded or dismissed for being way past deadline.

Type 2: The Critic

They complain about life – their life or the life of their neighbor. They fiercely criticize someone else’s work to justify their own fuck-ups. They live for it. For instance, they can start pulling your leg and pour one’s soul out to you.

How to get along: Seize this endless chattering with a magic phrase, “I don’t have time.” And don’t be afraid to hurt the critic’s feelings; they are not touchy at all. Be strict with them, because this way they will learn to be responsible for their mistakes and will pull themselves together.

Type 3: The Villain

They inspire fear and horror and love giving co-workers a hard time if they disagree with them. This type literally feeds on conflicts.

How to get along: Don’t take these “attacks” personally. You can quickly assuage the anger by telling something insignificant and offering to cool down and discuss everything tomorrow in a balanced and reasoned manner.

Type 4: The Quiet One

The quiet one considers himself the only adequate creature within a radius of 10 meters. Using his briefness, he frees himself from tasks that go beyond what’s stated in the job description. Quiet people are lone wolves. They work on their own.

How to get along: For starters, talk to a silent person, but chat about something like 100 variations of an apple pie rather than work, for instance. After that, you can start asking them about doing small assignments (work-related ones). And always discuss work that’s been done, because this will help to awaken responsibility in the silent person.

Type 5: The Chameleon

These people love gossiping and taking credit for others’ achievements. If a problem arises, this type of person will find at least 5 guilty people but will not admit one’s guilt even under the pain of death. Chameleons are cunning and vengeful, and conflicts with them are long and violent.

How to get along: Don’t be friends or at enmity with them. It’s better not to discuss anything verbally since you always need an evidence base in the form of correspondence or emails.