Did you know that 16% of Americans suspect Corona beer in conspiracy with the new coronavirus? We didn’t know either. By the way, the color lilac does not exist, meteorites carry deadly diseases, and ducks are on the warpath with locusts. Find more details in our digest.

Americans avoid Corona beer because of its name coincidence with coronavirus

Coronavirus brings a lot of various news ranging from tragic ones to frankly absurd and funny. For instance, consumers in the US began to avoid Corona beer. The survey showed that 38% of beer enthusiasts won’t touch Corona beer even at gunpoint. Americans believe that drinking this beer in a public place is at least unethical because of the existing situation. 16% of respondents don’t know at all whether this beer is related to the virus. The situation is rather comical. Not for the company, though, because for it it’s a real disaster. If people begin to associate the name of your company with a deadly disease, this is a collapse for your brand.

Coronavirus came from meteorite

Chandra Wickramasinghe, an astrobiologist at the Buckingham Center for Astrobiology, suspects that at the time of the destruction of the meteorite in the dense layers of the atmosphere, its particles settled on a vast territory. Among these particles were not only dust and dirt but also coronavirus. And that may well be the truth because a cosmic body really fell on the Middle Kingdom in October last year, and there is plenty of evidence for it.

The lilac color does not exist; it is actually green. An entertaining fact that can make you a megamind in the eyes of women from 6 to 86 years old

You may have already known from the school curriculum (or you may have not if you used to sit at the same desk with your crush) that all colors of the visible spectrum of light are waves. There are three of them: blue, green, and red. This is the basis of everything, and it is these colors that actually exist. All other colors we know are complementary. It’s exactly the same as chords in music: mix two notes, and there it is! You get a hit or just come up with a new chord. The lilac color is the one that is closest to pure magenta. Memorize this buzzword, it is used to describe a group of colors like plum, eggplant, and purple. All of them turned out to be complementary to green. Eight out of ten people decided that these are complementary colors to blue or red. After reading this article, you certainly have an excellent trick up your sleeve. If you look closely at the picture for 15 seconds and then instantly look at something white, you’ll have a green spot before your eyes! Is it a coincidence? We don’t think so.

Look more carefully — this color is not what it seems

China is preparing an army of 100 thousand ducks that will wage war on the locusts

Yes, it is hard to believe, but in this piece of news, the word “China” will not come in combination with the word “coronavirus.” China neighborly decided to help Pakistan in a difficult locust fight. Over the last week, locusts have dramatically increased their birth rate, bred to huge numbers, and became a threat to destroying the entire crop. The Chinese government decided to allocate 100 thousand ducks (a dangerous biological weapon) and instruct them to eliminate locusts in Pakistan. One duck can eat up to 200 representatives of the locust “tribe” (an ordinary chicken can pig out a maximum of 70). This is not the first strategic task for ducks. In 2000, 30 thousand Chinese ducks defeated arrogant locusts in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.