We’ve already highlighted some of the best Netflix series to enjoy in quarantine or in general.

The 65 Best Netflix Series to Watch While Self-Isolating
We’ve prepared a detailed guide to the most entertaining and exciting Netflix projects that are worth watching on another quarantine day.

According to our conservative estimates, “Netflix” is the most frequently used word in articles giving tips on what to entertain yourself with in quarantine. Every month, the popular video streaming service releases massive amounts of worthy content, so it is hardly surprising that some of the series or movies don’t get enough attention. We have prepared a selection of the most worthwhile Netflix films that will brighten up the monotonous evenings of self-isolation.

To The Bone

It’s a movie that will definitely make you want to have an unplanned snack. It will tell us about a girl suffering from anorexia, played by Lily Collins. Keanu Reeves will appear in an unusual role for himself, he will play a nutritionist.

The Man Without Gravity

From the very birth of the protagonist, the Earth’s gravity does not affect him. To conceal this “terrifying,” as the main character thinks, secret, he always carries a heavy backpack, which makes him constantly end up in quite funny situations.

Horse Girl

Sarah is an ordinary girl, even a little boring. She is fond of needlework, loves horses, and watches TV shows about the supernatural. Suddenly, paranormal things begin happening to her, so the heroine has to find out who has gone mad – she or the world.

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers

The film is based on the memoirs of Loung Ung, a Cambodian writer who is telling what her childhood was like during the Khmer Rouge regime.


A tired Beverly Hills housewife hires a stranger girl as a nanny to get at least some rest from her child. Of course, there is no reason to expect anything good from it.


Two old friends, one of whom has recently had a baby, decide to hang out one last time. However, instead of bars, they go to the Scottish Highlands to wander in the woods and hunt. Everything does not happen as they imagined at all.

Private Life

This is a drama about a married couple who unsuccessfully tries to have a baby. Instead of their own child, fate gives them a girl named Sadie. The couple is engaged in her upbringing with varying degrees of success.


This is a film about the life of the Ku Klux Klan. The narration is conducted amid the well-groomed gardens, lovely private houses, and fields. In short, everything is as it should be in the American outback of the 50s.


This is a story about the friendship of a little Korean girl and a huge genetically modified pig with high intelligence. A huge corporation run by Tilda Swinton is trying to make cutlets out of the pig.

The Platform

This film is about a social experiment – a vertical prison, which receives food once a day through a vertical well. Of course, the lower the level at which a person is, the less food he gets.