We suggest choosing one of the series that we’ve been loving lately to pass some time in anticipation of a bright future with open cafes, restaurants, cinemas, gyms (joking), and without deadly viruses.

Choose what to check out today.

The Last Dance

Genre: Documentary, Sports, Biography
Plot: The series tells a story of the star basketball team led by Michael Jordan.

This mini-series revolves around Michael Jordan’s career. The story focuses on the years of 1997-98, the key season for Chicago Bulls when the team was about to win their sixth NBA championship. This is not just an ordinary series, it’s an ode to the free era of the 90s. The series is highly recommended even for those who are not really fond of sports.

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Inhuman Resources

Genre: Thriller, Drama
Plot: A desperate unemployed man wants to get a prestigious position in a large company too much.

The new project from Netflix is a drama about a person who spent six years being unemployed and gradually lost control of his life. Suddenly, there’s hope for the main character – a large prestigious company pays attention to his resume. The man will do anything to get the desired position, he is ready to be mean and sneaky. However, everything is not happening as he thought it would. Going to a simple yet important job interview, the hero had no idea what game he would soon be drawn into.

White Lines

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Detective
Plot: A brave woman is trying to figure out who killed her brother twenty years ago.

A woman is investigating the disappearance of her brother, who once was a popular DJ and disappeared in Ibiza twenty years ago. Various people and a real drug cartel are involved in this disappearance story.

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Genre: Thriller, Drama
Plot: A dark post-apocalypse fantasy about how the whole world shrank to the size of a train with the rich and the poor.

The world has undergone a man-made disaster that led to a new ice age. A giant train filled with survivors is rushing along the highway: from the ruling elite in the first class to the oppressed in the train tail. Why did the disaster happen? How do the rich and the poor coexist on this train? Who is the murderer? These and many other questions will be answered by this series based on the film of the same name.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Drama, Criminal
Plot: A dark and mysterious detective with a real goddess of death.

The events of the series unfold in Los Angeles in 1938. The story focuses on the conflict between the main characters and the Mexican folklore deity Santa Muerte along with other Devil’s allies. The series is generously seasoned with curious references to Mexican-American folklore.

Into the Dark

Genre: Thriller, Horror
Plot: Each episode of this intense thriller is dedicated to some gloomy holiday.

The anthology series consists of twelve feature-length episodes that come out once in a month. The plot of every episode is dedicated to the holiday, which is celebrated in the month of the episode's release. This series is for those who love stories about maniacs and psychopaths.

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Genre: Drama
Plot: Young actors, screenwriters, and directors are trying to make their dreams come true in the Hollywood film industry.

In the second half of the 1940s, aspiring young talents are set off to conquer the “Dream Factory.” Dreams of fame and creative ambitions face the barriers of a vicious industrial system, depraved producers, and racial inequality.

Control Z

Genre: Drama
Plot: A teenage drama through the eyes of an introverted schoolgirl.

The story focuses on an ordinary schoolgirl who tries to reveal the identity of hackers after the secrets of many students from her school are made public.