In Handy Tips, we find ways that can improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you how to make a self-sterilizing hook, a.k.a. door opener, and why you need it during the coronavirus pandemic.

We live in very remarkable times. We are “lucky” to behold a really powerful scourge – COVID-19 disease and the novel coronavirus.

Now, in the era of the rampant coronavirus, the most popular medical recommendation is to wash your hands. The World Health Organization issued a detailed guide in pictures on how to do it right, and people upgraded it a bit.

Also, wise healers advise touching everything (especially your face!) as little as possible. If someone crossed your path and you eagerly want to get your claws on the enemy’s throat, don’t do that with your bare hands. Better ask the victim to wait for a bit and not go anywhere until you get back with a pair of gloves.

And this was not the worst part because real hygiene risks lie in wait for us in the elevator, at the intercom, and at the ATM, in other words, wherever there are buttons that anyone can press.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipes That Really Work
Bloggers and couch experts are busy posting their recipes for homemade sanitizers that can save you maybe just from boredom. Our editorial team figured out how to make a sanitizer that really works at home.

Some smartheads found a way to solve this problem, and we are glad to share it with you. With the help of this device, you can touch all sorts of necessary objects. Its creator also provided his greatest invention with an antimicrobial function.

Check out the video and don’t forget to wash your hands!