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How to wash your hands to the popular hits

William Gibson, a teenager from Britain, created a website that allows you to generate a poster with the lyrics of your favorite song and handwashing infographics.

This is an alternative to the twenty-second soaping process to the Happy Birthday song proposed by the World Health Organization. The site gets “ideas” for instructions from the Genius lyrics online library. Besides, you can choose a cleanser that you’ll be using – either soap or gel – and it will be depicted on the poster. More than 200 thousand posters were generated over the first three days.

Proper Dutch people had stocked up on herring, cereal, and marijuana before quarantine began

On March 16, many European countries launched strict quarantine measures, which imply the closure of all non-grocery stores, entertainment and educational institutions. The Netherlands was no exception. Well, all sensible Dutch people lined up in kilometer-long queues for strategic marijuana reserves after the announcement of the quarantine regime. Even the ban of mass gatherings did not become a barrier for lovers of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Dozens of pot lovers lined up in front of specialized stores.

Buyers told reporters that they want to stock up on marijuana for the quarantine period as it may be hard to get it the next month. According to the latest information, there are 1,135 people infected with the virus in the Netherlands, and 20 people have already died.

Don’t even think of stealing toilet paper! An ancient Japanese curse is cast upon it

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented panic among people. People around the world are buying medical masks, sanitizers, cereals, canned food, and, for some reason, toilet paper in large quantities. After all, the main thing during quarantine is to keep your tushy clean. Those who spent all their money on masks realize that there’s no way to live without toilet paper and begin to steal it. To minimize theft, one of the stores in Japan cast a dreadful curse on toilet paper. These hieroglyphs on the plate warn thieves: the one who takes a roll of toilet paper will be eaten by a hungry monster.

Store staff claim this is a joke, but the curse works! Since the plate appeared, no thefts have been recorded. Japanese people are so superstitious, after all.

Manicure with crown… coronavirus

Here’s the new Instagram trend: manicure with medical masks and images of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The pandemic forces us to abandon our usual way of life, forces us to cover our beautiful faces with masks, and stay at home. What the pandemic cannot do, though, is kill our impulse to create art. Nail art with the image of coronavirus is not only damn beautiful but also quite useful.

  1. It serves a constant reminder that danger is nearby, and that sanitizer is your best friend.
  2. Biting your nails is inconvenient with a manicure, which means you will not pull dirty fingers into your mouth.

Don’t forget to make sure that no dirt gathers underneath your nails and that the salon meets all sanitation requirements. Here’s a compilation for your inspiration:

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Дорогие подписчики 🙂Подскажите пожалуйста где купить маски по нормальным ценам ?? #Мы столкнулись с тем, что в последнее время, просто невозможно нигде купить маски по нормальной цене. Стоимость 1 маски в Москве выросла на 900% по с равнению с 2019г.😱 Заметив спрос на этот товар некоторые аптечные сети выставляют космические цены, хотя в сложившейся ситуации, должно быть наоборот.🤔 И это не смотря на то, что Россия ввела запрет на вывоз масок и Владимир Путин предложил отбирать лицензии у аптек, завышающих цены, «чтобы неповадно было в следующий раз». Как вам сложившаяся ситуация? Посоветуйте, где заказать маски по нормальным ценам.👇🏻 #любимоедело#лосанджелес#москва#мысливслух#nailsunny#бизнес#бизнесвумен#losandgeles#урокижизни#москва#ереван#спб#дубай#любимаяработа#эффективнаяработа

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A dangerous TikTok trend or a challenge that is better to be ignored: people are licking toilet seats on planes

We’ve already covered TikTok internal policies that did not recommend promoting “unattractive” people on the platform.

But somehow single-digit IQ is a direct prerequisite for taking the first place in TikTok trends since it’s much more difficult to surprise a sophisticated user, and the more absurd the challenge, the bigger public resonance it will cause.

TikTok coronavirus challenge encourages users to risk becoming infected.

Ava Louise, the one who came up with the challenge, is defiantly licking the seat of the toilet on a plane.

Everything would seem quite clear – this individual doesn’t seem to show any glimpses of intelligence, but Ava Louise has followers (you can find them in replies to this tweet). If you think with common sense, it becomes evident that getting coronavirus this way is not that easy, but you can get E. coli, staph infection, and many more unpleasant things. Thank God on March 16, the challenge disappeared from TikTok. Feeling frustrated, the seat licker posted an Instagram story, in which she accused elderly people of ruining the USA and its economy and said that she sees the manifestation of Darwinism in coronavirus.

Penguins from Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium decided to visit their fishermen friends during the quarantine. Prepare your cuteness detectors and get ready for a wave of positivity

Thousands of people got upset because the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago was quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dozens of penguins rejoice because now they can walk around the entire oceanarium. Shedd Aquarium employees let penguins out from their enclosures so they can wander around the building and meet their neighbors from the aquarium. It doesn’t mean that penguins are allowed to do everything and that they can make a mess like in the Project X movie. They are under the close supervision of oceanarium staff who share adorable videos of these cute animals.

A safe TikTok trend: plating tic-tac-toe with your pets

If you are used to being in the spotlight or somewhere near and constantly communicate with people, then the idea of discussing the situation in the country with a dog does not seem that absurd on the third day of the coronavirus quarantine. Users of the Chinese social media platform TitTok decided to play the popular tic-tac-toe game with their pets. Cats, dogs, turtles, and rabbits take part in the game, and even fish don’t mind playing a round. The rules remain classic, except that pets’ owners put zeros and crosses for them, while the animals only need to poke the cell with a muzzle or a paw.

Twitter users were happy to share videos of them playing with their pets. Some decided to compete with their cats who turned out to be losers in the game:

Some enjoyed playing tic-tac-toe with turtles:

One cat also struggled to participate in the game:

Seems like things work differently with bunnies: