In Handy Tips, we find ways to improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you to stop being late everywhere once and for all and start living.

If a voice in your head whispers that only delivery men need punctuality, tell it to go to hell. Sometimes, it is enough for a person to realize the reason why they are late in order to be late less often.

Sometimes, a psychologist helps to cope with chronic tardiness because this trait is associated with the desire to attract more attention to yourself. It can also be associated with hidden aggression related to the person who made an appointment for you, or even with a secret desire not to go where people are waiting for you. Anyway, whatever the reasons forcing you to be late are, there are some tips that will help you become the master of time.

Tip №1

The easiest way is to avoid being late because of someone else's fault. Say in a firm voice, “Sorry, but it's time to leave.” Don't let those around you hold you back.

Tip №2

Be a pessimist. All your meetings and affairs will not take up the strictly allotted time. Always add additional 30 minutes to your planned time.

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Tip №3

Stop fooling around. Most people stop being late as soon as they get a more responsible or higher paying job. If you are constantly late for appointments, maybe it is better to spend time searching through the websites with job advertisements?

If you are a good specialist, the privilege of being late may be a bonus instead of a pay raise. You can discuss this with the management. If five loans of different currencies do not allow you to throw money around, here are some ways to smooth out the effect of being late:

Tip №4

When there is even a minimal risk of being late, call the person waiting for you and warn them. Well, if you come on time, it will be a pleasant surprise for them.

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Tip №5

Enter the conference room or restaurant door for a meeting and turn off your mobile phone in advance and prepare business cards. Long manipulations with finding a phone will only aggravate the already established image of a bungler.

Tip №6

Make excuses only if the reason for being late is really significant. For example: negotiations with a key partner. Or if the reason for being late sounds funny, irony always helps lighten things up.