Texting on social media apps and sites plays an important part in the format of modern communication. Especially in a pandemic. This served as the opening by manipulators of another platform for their affairs and ruses. But do not blindly fall for their cunning tricks. In this article, we have collected 7 favorite manipulation techniques that they actively use in text messages.

Here are the 7 things that manipulators do in communication through text messages:

1. Send multiple messages in a row

It happens so that your interlocutor brings down a flurry of messages on you, leaving you no chance to realize what is happening. This is a very common situation. This technique is often used by romantic partners during an argument. The easiest way to fight back a manipulator is not to respond to messages immediately. Wait a little, think it all over, and then write everything that is on your mind in one big message.

2. Ignore messages for a long time

By leaving your messages unanswered, the manipulator is trying to make you feel guilty. For example, if a girl is angry at her partner, she tries not to respond to their messages. If you are being ignored, you shouldn't bombard the person with messages even more in the hope of a response. It is enough to come up with a joke and show similar actions, referring to your own busyness.

3. Give one-word answers

Some people begin to give you one-word replies, demonstratively showing that they were offended:

  1. Yes.
  2. Good.
  3. Of course.
  4. Maybe.
  5. Doesn’t matter etc.

With such phrases, the interlocutor shifts the responsibility for resolving issues onto you. However, this way, they also show that they are a little offended. Ask them some universal question, so you can return the person to a familiar dialogue format.

4. Use emojis

Emojis are extremely popular. But there is always an allowable limit for their use. Some people can only respond with smiles, giving absolutely no specifics. By sending emojis instead of the usual words, you can not directly answer the question and not express your thoughts. Emojis allow you to change your mind at any time, because they have several meanings.

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5. Overuse exclamation marks and capital letters

How to convey your emotions in writing? The easiest and most effective way is to write in all caps and use a lot of exclamation marks. This technique demonstrates emotions and shows that a person is worried or trying to emphasize something.

6. Mention those who do not even participate in the texting

The majority's point of view always has some effect. For example, if the interlocutor wants to add weight to their words, they will write something like, “But John (or any other person) shares my opinion.” Using the mentioned credibility of the person, you can force the other person to do what you want.

Therefore, if the interlocutor tries to create additional mental stress in text messages, you should not be guided by it. Most likely, we are talking about banal manipulation.

7. Thank you in advance

If they write to you, “Thank you in advance,” then it will not be so easy to say no to this person since they play on your feeling of guilt. Gratitude for such a person is empty words, but they allow you to receive certain benefits.