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While hunting in Mississippi in 1902, US President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a small bear. The Washington Post took up this story and made a cartoon about this event. The owners of the toy store, Morris and Rose Michtom, were also not taken aback and quickly figured out how to monetize this story. They wrote to President Roosevelt asking him to be allowed to call their stuffed toys "teddy bears."

Since then, teddy bears have become wildly popular. So many people wanted to buy these toys that Michtom even founded a company to produce teddy bears. And Theodore Roosevelt, running for president again in 1904, made the bear his talisman and won. If you do not have a bear, but you would really like to have one, it doesn’t matter. You can make it yourself in 2 minutes, thanks to a simple video tutorial.

And for jacks of all trades, here's a little more complicated video tutorial: