These tricks will help you get people to do what you want, and not what the self-preservation instinct and the voice in their head tell them.

1. Create an illusion that it’s almost done

How it works

American psychologist Ran Kivets conducted an experiment with loyalty programs in coffee shops. You probably also participated in such programs. If you take part in some loyalty program, you usually need to collect stickers and put them on a card. For example, they give out one sticker for buying one cup of coffee. When there are ten stickers on the card, you get a free coffee.

The experiment involved two groups of subjects. The first group was offered a blank card with a field for 10 stickers. The second group was given cards with space for 12 stickers, two of which were already put on the card. As you can guess, in the second case, the process of filling out the cards, which also meant buying more coffee, was much more active. Even though in both cases, it was necessary to put 10 stickers on the card.

How to use it

Whenever you ask for a favor, remember to mention that the deed is almost done. “Look, I've already picked the seeds to plant. It remains only to dig up the whole garden and plant them!" The perfectionist who lives deep within the subject of your manipulation will not be able to resist the desire to help you complete the task.

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2. Use the herd instinct

How it works

All people tend to keep minimal mental activity. It is much easier to rely on someone else's opinion, especially if this is the opinion of the majority, than to come up with something yourself.

Of course, this case was studied by all and sundry, and this is how that went: several people were invited to the room to pass the exams. And there was only one subject, all the other people in the room were just decoy ducks.

Smoke was blown into the room right in the middle of the examination. So, the reaction of the only subject to what was happening depended entirely on the behavior of the people around them. If everyone sat with poker faces, as if nothing was happening, the subject also tried not to react. If everyone panicked, the subject would panic too.

How to use it

Do you want to attend a football match with your friends? Tell your lady that you recently read in a magazine (women trust magazines very much) that 87% of happy couples who have lived together for more than 30 years spend at least one evening a week separately. Except now you have to live with a girlfriend for over 30 years. But you will be free one evening a week!

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3. Wear famous brand clothing

How it works

It turns out that brands significantly affect our perception of reality. For example, imagine that you are walking through a shopping center and a girl in a simple blue T-shirt comes up to you, and she has a bunch of leaflets in her hands. She asks you to participate in a short survey for a couple of minutes. Will you agree to answer her questions? How will your attitude change if she has the Lacoste logo on her T-shirt?

According to research, only 14% stopped to talk to a girl who does not have a logo on her T-shirt, and 52% of people agreed to speak to a girl dressed in branded clothes!

How to use it

Put on the clothes of popular brands, and the whole world is yours. You can't even imagine how many opportunities you will have! You might even want to not take some of them.