To keep your presentation from being laughed at, include some jokes in it. We will show you how to do this. The easiest way to grab your audience's attention is to make them laugh.

1. A funny start

The audience judges the speaker by the first three minutes of the speech. After that, it either listens to the speaker further, or starts chatting with friends in messengers. Therefore, you should immediately grab the attention of the audience with a sparkling message.

Having told an anecdote in the introduction to the speech, get right down to business. Don't try to be a stand-up comedian. Even professional comedians do not always manage to make the audience laugh during the entire performance. Besides, humor is just a seasoning, and the main course is your presentation. For a typical 20-minute presentation, three short jokes will suffice.

2. That’s where the joke comes in

Of course, you can read out all your speech from a piece of paper, but when it’s time for your prepared jokes, be sure to put the notes aside. Humor should look spontaneous, otherwise, it will look stifling. Also, never prepare the audience for the fact that you are going to joke and do not feel sorry for an unfunny joke in advance.

Don't set yourself a goal to please everyone present – it's impossible. Even one laugh from the audience will give your presentation an atmosphere of ease. In order for the audience to perceive the joke better, you need to personalize it. Retell any anecdote replacing the characters with yourself and your colleagues or transfer the scene to your office buffet.

3. One last thing

The last phrase and joke are best remembered. The audience will remember your boring presentation as one of the most enjoyable moments in life if you finish it even on such a cheerful note: "Well, if you liked my speech, it's time to end it. And if you didn't like it, even more so."