In Handy Tips, we find ways to improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you why you should choose the last row on the plane.

Now, when the world is slowly returning to the habit of traveling, and new destinations for flights are opening almost every week, it's time to refresh some travel life hacks in your memory. And one of the coolest and most underrated ones is choosing the last row of seats on the plane.

1. It's freer here

The main advantage of the back row is that no one loves it. People rarely sit here because they want to. At the same time, a plane packed with passengers is now quite a rare thing. Usually, there are five or six unoccupied seats in the cabin, even on the most popular destinations. And guess which seats they are, given the general habit of booking seats in the front? That's right, in the tail of the plane. And this is a low-key business class.

2. Everything is closer here

For many, one of the reasons for disliking the back row is the proximity of the toilet. But this is a real advantage as you control the process. While the owner of the "prestigious" seat in the front of the plane makes his way through the rows of seats to the cherished WC letters, you get up and go there right in front of his nose! Another hidden advantage is that, if you are brave ad confident enough, it is from this starting position that you should start getting to know cute stewardesses.

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3. The view is better

Here, your view is not spoiled by either the wings or the plane's engines suspended under them. Believe us, it is in the back row that your phone will heat up from the number of cool pictures you take.

4. It is safer

One should clear the mind of negative thoughts about something going wrong during the flight before the flight, and even more so during it. But nonetheless. Statistically, back row passengers have a better chance of surviving if things go wrong.