From our own bitter experience, many of us know how to relieve the pangs of a hangover when they have already come. But it is always better to prevent something than to deal with its consequences. The main advice, though, is still the same: one should know when to stop. No amount of life hacks will help you avoid a hangover if you drink all night without stopping.

1. Have dinner

There are calories in beer and wine, but this does not mean that these drinks will pass for dinner. When we drink on an empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream faster. So we advise you not to neglect the variety of New Year's dishes.

2. Decide on drinks

Dark drinks like rum or red wine contain more congeners - substances produced during fermentation (acetone, acetaldehyde, fusel oils, tannins). Congeners make hangovers worse, so stick with vodka, gin, or white wine instead of whiskey.

3. Drink water

If you drink water during and after the booze, it will surely relieve a hangover headache in the morning. After every alcoholic drink, drink a glass of clean water: this will help avoid aching pain in the head and throughout the body.

4. Don’t smoke

When you drink in large quantities, smoking seriously exacerbates the risk and severity of a hangover. Well, this is another reason to give up this bad habit and start the new year in a healthy way.