Winter holidays traditionally include tables that are breaking from food, which means that overeating and alcohol abuse are 100% guaranteed. In this article, you will find out how to celebrate the New Year without giving up festive food.

1. Have a snack beforehand

Sometimes it seems logical not to eat anything before the evening party, so as not to reduce your appetite. If we talk about the total amount of food and calories for the day, then skipping breakfast and lunch on December 31 is unlikely to help you reduce them. There is a risk of overeating at night after you have been starving all day. Be sure to have a snack before a festive glass of champagne: it is very easy to get drunk quickly if you drink on an empty stomach.

2. Have a buffet table, not a feast

Sitting at the table itself is an extremely passive activity. Try changing the format: move the table to a corner of the room and remove the chairs, prepare finger foods. You can organize drinks the same way: put bottles (don't forget about water) and glasses in a row. As a result, you will free up space in the room for dancing or games, and you will have to walk for each portion of food. And if you are engaged in an interesting conversation, you will not be able to overeat.

3. Think about activities and move

Discuss in advance what you will be doing, especially after midnight. There are many options: play board games or dance. Guess riddles, arrange a hunt for small gifts that everyone will have to find on their own. After all, just go for a walk wearing warm clothes.

4. Know when to stop

Stop putting different foods on your plate. Put everything you want to try on it at the very beginning of the evening, and do not add anything else. Drink a glass of water from time to time. Alternating water and alcohol can help you drink less and stay hydrated at the same time.