There are not so many expectations associated with any holiday as with the New Year. Everyone urges us to "believe in miracles" and "make wishes." In this article, we will try to figure out why we sometimes feel dreary and sad before the New Year, even though we are supposed to be happy, and how to take care of ourselves.

Your desires don't match your possibilities

We can dream and visualize an ideal holiday for ourselves, but it is not always possible to organize what we imagined. Some do not have enough money to buy gifts of their dreams for loved ones, some cannot visit relatives on holidays due to their work schedule. For some people, it is anxiety that spoils the holidays: what if everything goes wrong, someone refuses the invitation, someone does not like the gifts, or you don’t create an ideal atmosphere at the table?

What to do: relax a little bit. Prepare yourself in advance that the holiday will go a little differently than you expected. Nothing spoils significant events like perfectionism. Nothing is perfect. If you were waiting for the perfect holiday, the mood will immediately be spoiled. But if you just wait for a good, not a perfect New Year, then maybe the holiday will pleasantly surprise you.

You don't like scheduled holidays

New Year and other mass holidays annoy you with something. There can be many reasons. Some people feel sad and annoyed because the New Year was not at all a kind and bright holiday for them in childhood. Some people lack the resources (time, money, energy) to celebrate the way they would like to. Or this year specifically was so difficult that they absolutely do not want to sum up its results, but want to quickly leave it in the past. Or maybe they just really do not want to celebrate the holiday at this particular time and in a form imposed by society.

What to do: you don't owe anyone a party if you don't feel like it. Spending New Year's Eve in bed wearing pajamas does not make you strange or a bad person. Thousands of people dream of celebrating the holiday in this way, and you have the right to do so. It is difficult if your partner wants to celebrate and you think that it would be dishonest to deprive him/her of the holiday. In this case, there is a solution – to spend New Year's Eve separately. This can be a good option if you overcome the stereotype that the family (couple, loved ones, etc.) must definitely spend the New Year together. Why not? Partners can agree on anything that is convenient for them and does not hurt both.