Imagine the following situation: she dreams of a power drill, and you give her some Tiffany’s advent calendar as a gift. As a result, she feels utterly disappointed and resentful but masterfully covers it with pretense as if everything was okay, and you found the perfect present. Man, we assure you that even the most trained poker player will give oneself away while receiving a gift. You can’t fool your body language! We will teach you how to read hidden body language signs that will tell if the gift is not to your lady’s taste at all.

Sign 1

Your lady begins blinking rapidly and looks away. If the present was really that good, this would not have happened. She obviously pretends to be satisfied, but it requires her a lot of effort. That is why she avoids making eye contact with you.

Sign 2

If her smile is unusually wide, almost like Joker’s – you’re screwed. She does her best to imitate joy, and it looks fake.

Sign 3

Her breathing became deep and shallow. This is a reaction of her body that is trying to surpass the adrenaline rush as she’s stressed and disappointed.

Sign 4

If your girlfriend blushed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she was imagining your holiday sex. It’s the most common reaction to lies.

Sign 5

Your girl is unconsciously trying to wrap your present back. As they say, out of sight, out of mind.

Sign 6

Some particularly sneaky ladies begin to look at labels, price tags, or receipts on autopilot. That is because the only thought buzzing around in her head right now is, “Will I be able to return this present to the store?”

One Life Hack for Liars

This is the most powerful trick that no one will tell you about at school. You only need to exclaim, “What a nightmare!” or “This is a terrible gift!” And then say that it was just a joke and the gift is actually excellent. Any adverse reaction will be disguised right away or treated as a joke. And that means your victory and a guarantee of a holiday with a regular human face.