In most cases, problems in the team arise because the leader lacks communication skills. Nowadays, many companies are looking for specialists with good soft skills, but this does not solve the problem of already working managers who do not have them. In this article, we will tell you about two critical skills that employees expect from a leader in 2021.

1. Effective communication

To be good communicators, managers should develop their empathy and empathic listening skills. This is especially important since many people have been affected by the events of 2020. Therefore, in the coming years, executives who have this skill will become superstars as they will be able to take care of people. And those who can’t be empathetic and thoughtful by nature should work hard to develop this skill.

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2. Development of an inclusive culture in a team

Culture begins with the executives, and it is the managers who must embrace these beliefs, implement them, and follow them. Bosses often forget that each team member has their own way of working, which means that each team member needs to be managed differently. Now empathy and sympathy are expected from the leader – this is a required characteristic of a manager. Building a more inclusive work culture must be built on empathy. Leaders should abandon old performance measurement systems and redefine how they will lead and what their employees will be responsible for on a daily basis, especially when working remotely.